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Luis Pena Island

Luis Pena Island

Luis Pena is a small island off the west coast of Culebra under the protection of the ..

Resaca Beach

Resaca Beach

Resaca Beach is approximately a 15 minute hike down a steep trail to reach the beach. ..

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Why to visit Culebra Island?

Why to visit Culebra Island?
If you came to Puerto Rico in search of a picture-perfect beach, look no further than Culebra. The island easily has the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, and thanks to its crystalline water, it is also home to several superb snorkeling spots.
 What makes this prime tourist destination unique is the small-town charm it has retained. With just over 2000 inhabitants, this is an island where neighbors stop to chat with each other and the ferry arrival is the big event of the day. Because nearly everyone is employed in the tourist industry, Culebrans are friendly to travelers: from helping change a flat tire to reminding you to wear sunscreen, they go out of their way to make sure you enjoy their island. Tiny Culebra has few cultural attractions, and the dry vegetation is more like that of the Virgin Islands than tropical eastern Puerto Rico, but the beaches alone are reason enough to visit.

Culebra has not always been such a haven of tranquility. In 1901, two years after winning the Spanish-American war, the US government established military bases on Culebra, forcing residents to resettle in the area now known as Dewey. In 1975, after years of using the island as a bombing range, the military moved all exercises to Vieques, but Americans continued to flock to Culebra. The island now houses a significant expat population, composed mostly of Americans who came on vacation and never left. During holidays such as Christmas and Semana Santa, the island’s population can increase by as much as 15,000, as Puerto Ricans head east on their own vacations. In recent years, some locals have complained that a younger generation more interested in rowdy beach antics than peace and quiet has discovered Culebra. But for the majority of the year—and anywhere outside of the road between the ferry landing and Playa Flamenco—Culebra continues at the slow pace to which it is accustomed, where nobody has anything to do but go to the beach.

    * Escape The Crowds with an adventurous hike down to the wild waves at isolated Playa Resaca .
    * Join The Crowds at stunning Playa Flamenco .
    * Dive In at one of Puerto Rico’s best snorkeling sites, Playa Carlos Rosario .
    * Take A Ride to the cays of Isla Peña or Culebrita, with their pristine beaches and prime snorkeling .
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